GUSRI WEDDING SERVICES as one of the pioneer wedding chapel development in Bali provides the consultancy services to the company who plan to develop Wedding Resort, Wedding Chapel, Wedding Organizer PROJECT WORKS



  • To assist owner in designing the venue
  • To introduce the right designers such as architecture, landscape designer, interior designer, Food & Baverage Manager, Chef, Florist who will involve in the project
  • To give advise that the design is in proper condition and suit for wedding services and operation
  • Incharge as Project Manager and monitor the progress of the project
  • Make sure the project running as per schedule
  • To handle the Pre-opening of the venue


  • To assist the company for recruitment and training the wedding team
  • Set-up a standard operation procedure for wedding function
  • To set-up a wedding organization structure and job description
  • To prepare operation budget
  • To provide a training program for wedding team
  • To set-up a standard decoration with proper color scheme and material
  • To set-up wedding prop and wedding kit
  • To set-up a standard service and flow of wedding and organize rehearsal
  • To monitor implementation of wedding services, options and other services
  • To select and determine reliable wedding vendors and suppliers
  • To provide a training and briefing to all appointed vendors and suppliers to meet standard of service
  • To maintain standard of service and make sure that wedding operation runs well


  • To assist the company to hire Sales & Marketing team
  • To train and develop Sales & Marketing team
  • To prepare a sales and marketing plan and strategy as well as the budget
  • To make price structure of wedding packages and wedding Services option
  • To produce marketing collateral (sales kit, brochures, post card, website)
  • To monitor and miximize the implementation of Sales & Marketing plan & budget
  • To do Sales & marketing program and action plan effectively